Saturday, October 13, 2007

Triple over-time

Well, had to video tape the Friday Night game of the week - La Puente's Bishop Amat (1-4) vs. visiting Santa Fe Spring's St. Paul (4-1)

Game went well, back and forth with these two rivals. St. Paul put the screws to Bishop Amat with 3 seconds left and knocking at the 1-foot line. The best D I've seen in a play this year, to deny BA a score and a win. Well, after three OTs and rain pouring down on me, without any rain gear and some $8K worth of gear hanging on me (Canon XL2 and Canon Mark II w/16-35mm 2.8 and accessories), it came down to a two-point attempt after a TD by St. Paul for the win. Well, with the rain-slicked field, the kid who scored 3 TDs to keep St. Paul in the game slipped near the goal line, and the game ended with a score of 31-30 for the home team BA. Game began at 7:30 pm. Half time festivities included Home Coming. Game ended in pouring rain just before 11 PM. Had game (61 mins) downloaded just after midnight. Edited and by 1:20 am began to do voice over. Got out of there by 2:35 AM. And you can believe that at no time, there was any time to relax. It was all pure concentration to get the job done "quickly." With the voice-over done, the video was up some time after that for all to see and enjoy. Check out the video here:

Until next time... keep shooting

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