Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Goats and chickens... decapitated & dumped

Well, weird call this morning. Someone reported dead animals dumped at the east end of Hadley St. in Whittier. They said the animals had been there since at least Monday morning. There were animals, goats and chickens to be exact, along with bags of rotting fruit, mostly apples, pineapples and oranges.
The three goats and multiple chickens had been decapitated. Nothing else wrong with the carcasses, except no heads. Hmmm... You speculate. I am a journalist and I just report what I see. I had seen three bags of carcasses last month up on Turnbull Canyon and those slowly disappeared throughout the week, possibly eaten by Coyotes, but again, I can't speculate.
What I did see at that time were Common ravens going at the bags.

Anyway, this is what I have to shoot and see during my daily outings into our community. Oh, by the way, the smell was terrible. When one of the goats was picked up, there were maggots crawling all over the ground. I could not get the smell out of my nose, it seems it had been penetrated by the awfully pestilent, noxious, pernicious odiferous scene (or whatever happens to the olfactory sensors) for about two hours. Yuk!

Until next time, keep shooting.

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