Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check out this sign

going through my stuff, I found this sign (rather, photo of a sign)... Until next time, keep shooting.. .where allowed...

Decapitated goats... revisited

Ok... So, here's my story. Sometime in September, I noticed three large black pastic bags dumped on the side of the road on Turnbull Canyon between Whittier and Hacienda Heights. What bothered me was that the bags looked like they had some type of remains in them. One had what looked like some type of leg bone sticking out of it. I called the Whittier PD and reported the bags. Nothing was ever heard after that. For the next week or so, as I traversed this part of town, the body parts were being consummed by predators (coyotes, ravens, crows, whatever I imagine) until the bags were empty and only one little vertebrae was left.

Fastforward to Tuesday October 9, 2007. Goats and chickens are found decapitated not too far from the other spot, but in a residential area of Whittier. Click on the October 7-14 link on th eright side or coppy and paste the link below (pics and all that).

Now, today, Wednesday November 14, 2007, goats and chickens are found decapitated in Laguna Beach, as reported by Fox11 news veteran newsman Bob De Castro! WOW!

Who knew... To me, it seems that once a month, right around the middle of the month, this stuff pops up somewhere. Anyone out there with some satanic knowledge that can shed some light on this? Anyone with moon knowledge? The moon was a sliver recently, so maybe that has something to do with it? Or maybe, just maybe... the CHUPACABRA has arrived in So Cal!

I found this image at

Until next time, watch out for the Chups!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gravestone finally made two years later

Check out this story. A nine-year old girl dies of a heart attack while training in a kickboxing gym with her trainer back in 2005. Reportedly, the girl had a pre-existing heart condition that had been unkown to anyone. As the only child, the mother, reportedly, is very distraught and visits the gym often after that.

Well, soon enough, the mother can't take it and moves far away to the midwest. Come in some good samaritans who put on fundraisers with sponsors and all that, reportedly, to raise funds for a gravestone. Well, two years later, no gravestone or money is given to the family, reportedly. Now, the owner of the gym where the girl died gets together with a grave marker maker and they make a nice one for the girl. These two guys came through when they saw that the other group's fundraising was nowhere to be found. Those people, if this story is true, should be ASHAMED of themselves... raising money for a cause that they did not fulfill. Here is the video:

Until next time, keep shooting.

Turkey giveaway

Here's the second of two "feel good" stories today.

Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park) got together with two water companies to give away turkeys to charitable entities for later distribution to the needy in the San Gabriel Valley thus ensuring people have a nice Thanksgiving dinner coming up here soon.

Here is the video:

Until next time, Keep shooting