Saturday, November 3, 2007

NHRA Pomona Day Three

Here is a view of Ashley Force, from both sides.

Hello everyone, Had a great time out in Pomona today although it was pretty busy all day. From running to the track to take photos and putting them up right away to heading out to see and interview John Force (the legend, the one and only Funny Car 14-time world champ), I ended up somewhat tired.

Here is Tony Pedregon, who will most likely be champ tomorrow.

And down below is John, with his wife beside him, even thought still recovering from his awful crash back in September 07, he gets out there and watches his team race.

Force is always loving his fans and waving back to them.

Friday, November 2, 2007

NHRA Day Two

Shot out to Pomona today for a quick one. They've got the POWERade finals all the way through Sunday. Got to see Angelle Sampey head down the straight-away and a few of the top Fuel dragsters. Man are these car LOUD!
As they accelerate, you can feel their power as the sound waves travel through you. As they pass by, while I'm standing next to the barricade on the track, you can feel their heat. The vibration that courses through your entire body is like being shaken violently for a second while the car passes on by. It's quite scary but exhilirating at the same time!Here is one of the SKOAL girls greeting visitors to their trailer display. Until next time, keep shooting.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

NHRA Pomona

If it's November and you're in Pomona... it's NHRA time!
Yes folks, this is one of my faves. Here is Tony Pedregon heading down the 1/4 mile track at some 311 MPHs... (Miles per Hour!), and that was only good for 7th place today!
Ashley Force burning out during her first go at the straight-away.

Terry Haddock, in the 2006 Race Girl Monte Carlo Funny Car spits flames out of the exhaust pipes while heading down the black-top, Yikes! This is Angelle Sampey, on her 2003 Suzuki, just before setting a new track record on the quarter-mile track in 6.973 seconds.
Getting to go out there with the smell of burnt rubber, nitro fuel and drunk people just can't be topped. Best of all, everyone has access to "backstage," or as they call it, the pit. Yes, the 43rd annual NHRA Auto Club Finals is here and will continue until Sunday, so you have no excuse to go check it out.
Getting to meet the best of the best, the legends and legends-to-be can't be topped by any other sport. Here is dedicated dad John Force keeping an eye on his girl Ashley even though he should be kicking back in his trailer. Where else can you see the drivers and mechanics building their engines from the ground up, and all for the price of admission! I also got to do a video of Tony Pedregon showing off his trailer and of his crew getting the Q-Racing Impala ready for the first day of qualifying.

Until next time, keep shooting

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another tip to self & Haunted video

Hello everyone,

Coming home this evening from the store, a Black&White rushed past me. It happened to be going my way, so in a few minutes, I was at the location where it had stopped, with two other B&Ws. There was some type of large bag or body or something on the ground with an officer looking at it, so, here is the tip for the day, I called the WATCH COMMANDER at Whittier PD. I was told it was a petty theft suspect that had fought for a second or two with Ralph's manager or employee and ran away with the loot. Well, the PD caught up to him not far from the store and had him on the ground.

Moral of the story: Be on top of your local PDs phone numbers AND USE THEM. When calling, introduce yourself as a media member and ask for information on what you are interest on (the B&Ws with something on the ground). If it had been something more exciting, I would have been all ov er it, but it just turned out to be nothing worthy of capturing on camera.

By the way, appropriate for this time of year, I shot this video last year in Pasadena but I thought I run it through again.

Until next time,

keep shooting