Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stripped and dumped

Zoom zoom...

Listening to the scanner, I heard a Car over the side on Glendora Mtn. Rd. north of Glendora in the Angeles National Forest. The photo editor heard it as well and he monitored the scanner. I looked at my trusty CHP website for accidents and there it was, directions and all. Remember in my first post I told you to keep that website handy?
Anyway, after almost an hour's drive, I got to the point at Glendora Mountain Road past Glendora Ridge Road. The San Dimas Search & Rescue people were rappelling down a very steep area with lots of brush. After a few minutes, the two pros got to the car, a Mazda Miata that was right-side up but very demolished.

One of the guys down there called up and said the car had no keys in the ignition, most of the wiring inside the car was gone and parts of the engine were missing: Deduction - classic signs of a dumped stolen car. So, yesterday I had dumped decapitated animals and today a dumped stripped car.

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