Saturday, March 22, 2008

PPAGLA's New World of Media Photojournalism Seminar

From left to right, Annie Wells, David H. Kennerly and Nick Ut

Hello everyone,

Headed out the PPAGLA Seminars at CSU Fullerton today and caught a few very helpful seminars. The real treat though was the Pulitzer Prize roundtable "Story behind the Pictures" with Pultizer Prize winners David Hume Kennerly, Nick Ut, Annie Wells.

Just as the title of the roundtable suggests, they spoke about how they came to make their winning photos.

Nick Ut said he had four cameras around his neck as Nepalm was dropped on a nearby road where people were evacuating. Two other photographers were there but had run out of film as the now-famous young girl came out of the fire and smoke with all her clothing burnt off and most of her upper body badly burned. He was the onl one to snap photos although there was a film crew that also rolled film.

Annie Wells said how lucky she was to be in a situation that allowed her to capture the life-and-death situation a young girl was facing. And, the dramatic rescue in a swollen river by trained fire dept. personnel.

Hillary Clinton, second from right, during Nixon's impeachment.

David H. Kennerly spoke about his times as White House photographer and how he had the run of the place during Ford's days. He said that when Ford called him for the job, the only thing he asked for was to answer only to the president and to have the run of the place. He got that and he got photos that could not have been possible if a chief of staff had been his boss.

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