Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paparazzi Style - For one night!

Hello everyone,

This is why I would never want to be a Paparazzo (at least not full time!) Look at all these Paparazzi, crammed into a very tiny space, all growling out names of stars, trying to get their attention and a look into their eyes with the lens.
Here we have Mrs. Tony Parker, otherwise known as Eva Longoria, being fully flashed by the Paparazzo.

Host George Lopez.

Okay, back to reallity. Notice that in the top photo, I was INSIDE the red cordon, on the carpet. Last Thursday night, I had the duty to photograph some Hollywood stars for Padres Contra El Cancer (Parents Against Cancer). I have been their official photographer for about five years.

Ah, the ever-so-beautiful Jessica Alba also came to support Padres.

Anyway, their annual gala has grown so much in the last 20 years that is has really become a true Hollywood event. This year's gala was hosted by none other than George Lopez, pictured above. Eva Longoria, from Desperate Housewives is the national spokesperson for them and she was also one of the hosts.
Many other stars came to support this great organization. This is a wonderful organization that helps children with cancer and their families, not only to navigate through the maze they have to go through when someone has cancer, but they also help them with ANYTHING they need in order to get through their ordeal.

Find out more about them at their website www.iamhope.com .

Here is Andrea Bowen to the left looking fantastic. Down below are Eva & Jessica chatting it up in the green room area.

You know, I love doing these events, but only when I am the official shooter because I get the ALL ACCESS pass that lets me get those fantastic candids that we almost never see. I am not intrusive at all and, most of the time, I ask if I can take the photo. Many times the people in the VIP rooms already know that I am there to do my job and they just let me go about my way. And last but not least, over here on the right is Nicollette Sheridan.

This fundraising event was in West Hollywood at The Lot studios. Mario Lopez, here with Eva hanging out, was also there and he was roasted by George Lopez most of the night, but he took it in stride. Until next time, keep shooting!

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