Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Local firefighters head out to battle the flames - Rio Hondo Fire Academy Roadrunners


Today, one of my assignments was to go and take pictures and video of the Rio Hondo Fire Academy guys and gal as they took off to help battle the flames raging up near Castaic. These young people have the heart and courage that most of us would be hard-pressed to bring up. They loaded up all their gear and headed out for possibly as long as 14 days. Imagine taking off to battle flames and being out in the field for two weeks at a time. Man, that's something else. This first photo shows all the provisions they took. About two dozen people for this little amount of water for two weeks, maybe someone will help them ot when they are in the field. I know I drink about three or four of the water bottles, plus some soda and milk during the day, so this can't last too long. They also had personal gear, first aid stuff and whatever else they need to fight the flames.

Here is the video:

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