Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Courtroom antics

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the courtroom today.. Or should I say, in the courtroom. I was assigned the duty of going to the Pomona Superior Court this morning to take photos of one Martin Morones who was captured in Mexico Monday night and sent straight to the American judicial system. As the story goes, he was racing some other guy in El Monte when they crashed into a mother and her two children, whose car exploded in flames. Needless to say, the family died in the car. The one dude was caught right away but Morones fled to Mexico, btu since he is an American citizen, the Mexican government found him and immediately sent him packing back home.
So, I check in with the deputy in the courtroom at 8:30am like I'm supposed to and hand him a copy of the 980 form that was faxed to the courtrom the night before. He immediately tells me that no camera equipment is allowed in the courtroom and that he will let me know if I am approved or not. So I tell him I'll wait for him to inform me right outside. About 9:15 am, Fox11 videograher goes into the courtroom and comes out saying he was denyed and that the Morones dude was coming out. I walk into the courtroom and they are already asking him if he wants to give up his rights to a speedy trial, yadah, yadah, yadah. Some 20 seconds later, the dude is taken back behind closed doors and I am left shaking my head in disbelief.
This deputy working there did not have the courtesy to let me know if I was approved or not, but I assumed I was not because the TV guy was denied too. So, if I don't go in the courtroom I would probably still be sitting out there waiting for Baca's finest to give me the news about our request to photograph.
Final thought: When they want to show off their new high tech toys or they need help finding a killer who shot one of their own, yeah they run to us. But when it comes to being courteous they drop the ball. I feel this deputy was derelict in his duty to serve the public. Hope Sheriff Baca reads this blog and chastices that deputy or at least shakes his head in disbelief too.

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