Thursday, November 29, 2007

Court Antics Predicted

Well, I was supposed to cover a court appearance by a dog thief, but since a fellow shooter lived closer to the courthouse, we switched assignments. I went to shoot high school students in a class that teaches them how to take care of daycare children, so that in the future, they can become teachers. But, in an email, I noted that this particular location was dark and that a fast lens was needed BUT that we wouild probably be not allowed to photograph at all.

My fellow shooter went to the courthouse and was told he was approved to photograph said dogknapper as he was arrainged but that he needed to return at 2 pm, when the person would make the appearance. Well, come 2 pm, the judge changed his mind and told my friend he could not shoot the proceedings. Well, a day's worth of work wasted because at a judge's whim. Maybe he had a cholic and needed burping or something like that. How are people going to get the news and see the people making news if judges arbitrarily and often stop up from doing our job. WoW!

Are there any attorneys out there that can fight the good fight for the media???

(this is where, unfortunately, I begin to hear crickets cricketing...) Out!

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